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There are 29 job vacancies for Work on a cruise ship with no experience available on NewsNow Classified Experience Required to Work on a Cruise Ships If you want to work on a Cruise Ships then you should be a minimum of 1 to 2 years relevant experience. In some cases, someone with one year of experience can apply if the hiring agency mentioned on processing criteria otherwise you can not apply. Related: Cruise Ship Hiring Agencie Cruise ship jobs; Cruise ship hair stylist; Code 14 jobs in Gauteng without experience; No drivers licence; Careers with no experience required; Jobs for accounting graduates with no experience; Jobs in Pretoria with no experience needed; Nanny jobs no experience required; Jobs available in Reitz; Estimating Manager jobs; Ux Researcher job The Real Experience of Living on a Cruise Ship. Access the Cruise Industry Experts Right Now! This is Part II of our interview with Sharon Waugh, who has worked for Carnival Cruise Lines as a Guest Services Coordinator. Learn more about passenger services jobs on cruise ships in See Part I of this interview.. Read this interview excerpt to learn ways you can launch your own cruise industry job.

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  1. Charismatic and Outgoing Personality - Many cruise ship jobs that are customer-facing such as Guest Services Associate, Cruise Staff, Youth Staff, and many sales-type positions require that the applicant have an outgoing personality and that they are easily approachable. No Experience, No Proble
  2. I always wondered what it would be like working on a cruise ship. After a few cruises as a passenger, a window finally opened and I was able to experience the crew life on board. A lot has to be done before embarking, many courses to attend and things to prepare. After a safety and security training, there was also the training with the company where they told us they would explain everything that somebody needed to know before embarking. They arranged everything, even the hotel for the.
  3. The splendid pool area of our cruise ship, the Msc Splendida. Describe your experience of cruising for the first time . Exciting! That's what I'd call hopping on a cruise for the first time. Discovering what's inside that gigantic vessel that floats across the Mediterranean sea is an adventure by itself. Our departure port was Barcelona which is a fantastic holiday destination in itself.
  4. e their past accomplishments, skills and work history. Only then will they be able to confidently market themselves in a resume and cover letter that will convince an employer that they have what it takes to do the job

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The best way to get a job on a cruise ship with no experience is to emphasize your transferable skills in your resume. When you get the interview, focus on how you can transfer your present skills to the requirements of the job. Don't of course lie about having cruise ship experience if you really have had none. If the company finds out, you will be shown the door. Read on to learn more about how to get a job on a cruise ship with no experience, as well as several helpful tips for landing. Entry-level position no with experience required. Duties. Responsible for different tasks on deck areas, such as giving directions to parts of the ship, running errands for the passengers, keeping chairs and deckchairs in good condition and cleanness, and general cleaning on deck areas. Salary As mentioned in section 1, the STCW certificate is the minimum legal requirement for all crew to work on a cruise. Your company may pay for the course for you or you will have to pay for it. I took a 10-day STCW course in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Scholorum Nautas school A minimum of 2 years experience would typically be required for this job. The entertainment team reports to the Cruise Director (aka cruise activity director aka cruise ship director). The Cruise Director is expected to perform each voyage and to organise an entertainment program to ensure the guests are having fun and satisfied. The Director will be expected to interact with passengers and handle their complaints. This job suits somebody who enjoys being in the middle and leading the. Hey sailors,The majority of you who watch the videos on my channel want to work on cruise ships so today we are going through what you can do to get relevant..

Working on a cruise ship means you don't have to pay rent. It also means that you can use its facilities for free or get different employee discounts. Although working on a cruise ship has many other perks, it has disadvantages, too. Just like any other job, being a cruise ship employee isn't a walk in the park Working hours on cruise ship. I signed the contract up to 13 hours a day, but in practice I never worked that much. My working hours were mostly around 11-12 hours a day. It doesn't seem like a big difference, but it is. Shifts are often divided, especially if it's a restaurant job. For example, you come to work for breakfast, from 6 to 11am, then you are free, and you work again from 4 to 11pm. Even when you have nothing to do, they still keep you on the clock because you have to do the. Jobs on cruise ships with no experience. If you are reading this article, may be you have wondered what it is to work on a cruise ship. Hope there is no one who would not want to see exotic lands and meet interesting people from all over the world- together with working in vacation land. Two are the categories of ship workers: staff and crew members. Crew members. Crew members are the. My First Week Working on A Cruise Ship. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out Regardless of your nationality or previous work experience there are cruise ship jobs for you on board the many luxury vessels cruising the oceans. The Whole Package. Cruise line jobs are great travel jobs. Once on board a cruise ship you will be visiting and working in many foreign countries and places. No other job offers travel to such a variety of places, countries, climates and continents.

In my experience, the larger the ship, the less motion you feel. But on one occasion, as we sailed the Atlantic, a wave hit the side of the ship where my cabin was hard enough to throw me out of. To Work on a Yacht Without Experience - Make a Plan By Rupert Connor . Yachts do hire people with no experience in yachting. The entry-level positions which offer new crew the best opportunity to learn the ropes in yachting are: junior deckhand, stewardess, steward, or cook. The key to finding your first position onboard is preparation. There is a lot of competition for the rookie jobs. Cruise ship jobs are very special and different than land jobs anyway, so whoever joins the ship as a new hire needs to go through the detailed training not only regarding their job but ship life organization as well. So, if you don't have much experience, don't panic - we all went through the same thing, and once you come on board there will be many new hires that you'll quickly. Cruise Ship Work No Experience. CDL-A OTR Reefer Drivers - 3,000 Miles Per Week - 2Yrs EXP Required Posted 26 days ago, Daly City, CA, USA 99% no touch freight Layover pay Pick-up and drop pay. A portion of employee's health, life Million Safe Mile Cruise - 1 week ALL INCLUSIVE Sunny Caribbean Cruise with a guest. Clean CDL-A Truck Driver - Earn Up to $83,100/Year - Excellent.

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  1. Cruise Ship Jobs. Housekeeping Jobs (15) Galley Jobs (35) Restaurant Jobs (18) Beverages Jobs (12) Provisions Jobs (3) Deck Jobs (27) Engine / Technical Jobs (39) Guest Services Jobs (13
  2. Some people with no prior cruise ship experience are able to find positions by focusing on skills they've acquired in previous jobs that can be applied to working on a cruise ship. Another way to improve your chances of working onboard a cruise ship is to apply early and apply often
  3. Likewise, while there are crew parties organized every week or two, working on a cruise ship does involve real responsibilities, and anyone who doesn't take their job seriously will find themselves out of a job before long. Another misconception is that the pay onboard cruise ships is quite low
  4. While working onboard a Princess cruise ship, you can enjoy these living essentials provided by the company: Furnished living accommodations; Crew cafeterias (also known as Crew Mess) with a variety of menu items from around the world; Laundry facilities and services; Crew Store with discounted convenience items such as toiletries and snack
  5. There are apprenticeship programs available for individuals who want to work their way up from entry-level positions to qualified positions quickly. This is a great option if you are hard-working and career-driven, but have no experience working at sea. Check Seafarer's International Union and Workboat Academy for opportunities. You may be able to find other organizations that offer apprenticeship programs as well
  6. Often, crew works up to eight months without a single day off. Many of them aren't even allowed to disembark at ports. Crew members are super hard working and work weeks are 70 hours a week without a single day off for 6-8 months at a time
  7. Cruise Critic toured Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.'s new crew training and housing facility in the Philippines. Here's what we learned, including 10 facts about working on a cruise ship you might.
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Apply to Cruise No Experience jobs available in Valenzuela on Indeed.com, the world's largest job site. Cruise No Experience Work in Valenzuela February 2021 Skip to Job Postings , Search Clos A cruise ship personal shopper should have sales experience in high end stores or previous personal shopper experience. You must be able to speak English and at least one other language - French, German, Italian or Russian are the most desirable. You should have a valid passport with no restrictions and be able to pass a seafarer's medical. You must have the ability to work with an. With 25 ships sailing to more than 260 destinations around the world—and with guests just as globally diverse—Royal Caribbean delivers fresh, delicious and authentic cuisine catered to a range of tastes and preferences. Food-lovers who cruise have much to look forward to: when you dine on board, there can be a different lineup of menu options at the nearly 20 venues you can experience on a. Working on cruise ship remains one of the most exciting and enriching experiences of my life. However, I wish I was given a heads up on certain aspects. This is source. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Related Articles. Working Sheep Farm - Cruise Ship Shore Excursion Akaroa to Christchurch. Posted on January 9, 2021 No Comments. Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas - Sydney to New. Minimum Age to Work on Cruise Ships. Although the most cruise lines and agencies will tell their applicants that the minimum age to work on board ships is 21, there are crew members that have been able to get hired at the age of 18, 19, and 20. For the most part it depends on which department that you will work for. But, for positions within the food and beverage department and within the casino department, the minimum age is definitely 21. This is mainly due to the minimum age to serve.

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Cruise ships are large passenger ships used mainly for vacationing. Unlike ocean liners, which are used for transport, they typically embark on round-trip voyages to various ports-of-call, where passengers may go on tours known as shore excursions. On cruises to nowhere or nowhere voyages, cruise ships make two- to three-night round trips without visiting any ports of call What are your options for work? Choosing something you are not only good at but something that you also love doing is essential. Working on a cruise ship is difficult and demanding, it's long hours (sometimes up to 14 hours a day) and you won't have much time off. The job you do needs to be your passion because you need to be able to keep smiling and providing excellent customer services to passengers, even when you all you really want to do is collapse on your bed for a few hours sleep.

While working on a cruise ship is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and pretty luxurious (imagine port time off in Tahiti one day and an overnight in Maui a few days later), it is still a job. If you show up expecting to get weekends off and to see each and every port, you will be disappointed. Prepare yourself for 7-day work-weeks, lots of split shifts, and being on all the time when in passenger areas Working on a cruise ship is a great way to save money and also a great way to spend money. I could save one third of my salary easily and have a decent amount to spend during the month before the next pay day. Others like to buy all the latest gadgets, or the newest fashions, but for the most part if you had at least $200 to cover things like the occasional drink at crew bar, putting money on. Whether on a cruise ship or fishing boat in Alaska, deckhand jobs represent tough, outdoor work that often requires little to no previous experience. Contracts for a deckhand often last six months and pay varies based on experience, scope of job, and the employer. Cruise Ship Purser Jobs (NEXT PAGE

The host or hostess of a cruise ship will earn a sum of $42000 per year. This is a good pay package, considering the hard work that they put in. They have to come up with social events, parties and games to keep the passengers entertained in the cruise. Yoga Teacher and Diving Instructor What are the biggest challenges in working on a cruise ship? Homesickness is a major problem for those working on a cruise ship, especially if they are new to the job. There's not much privacy if you're a member of the crew. Quite often you'll have to share a room with at least one, if not more. Few days off while at sea. There isn't a 40-hour work week on a cruise ship. Even though you'll. A lot of people who are considering a job on a cruise ship are usually straight out of school or young people looking to experience the world - but are basically unskilled when it comes to specific jobs. Is it possible to get a job on a cruise ship with no experience, and if so - how hard is it Deckhands with no experience start out in entry-level positions. Your responsibilities vary, depending on the kind of ship you work on and the size of the company. General job duties are to ensure that the deck of a yacht, ship, or offshore oil rig remains clear and clean. You may also assist more senior deckhands and other officers in their tasks. Your daily routine may include preparing. If you want to know whether or not you should work on a cruise ship, here's what to expect: MONEY and SAVINGS! - You can expect to earn anywhere from $1500 to over $5000 USD per month, depending on position. More importantly, you'll have almost ZERO expenses - room, meals, even medical coverage are provided for free

Cruise ship jobs have a number of distinctive features that separate them from land-based jobs. Perhaps the biggest difference is the fact that cruise ship employees live where they work At Disney Cruise Line, you can set sail on the job opportunity of a lifetime aboard our extraordinary ships! You can create an unforgettable voyage for families by delivering exceptional guest service, while also charting the course for an incredible career journey of your own

Since the establishment of the company in 1998 we have assisted thousands of candidates from all over the world with obtaining employment aboard cruise vessels. All of our staff members have worked on cruise ships for several years and have lots of first hand experience with the cruise ship job market. Over the years of active operation we have gained valuable experience, recruited candidates, performed face to face interviews, developed personal and business contacts with major cruise lines. This cruise travel quote is another favorite of mine. In truth, whether on a cruise ship, boat or even at the beach, the ocean seems to call. Please PIN to save to your favorite Pinterest board 51.We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds. Aristotle Onassis. 52. I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list The work can be demanding, with long hours and all weathers. Contracts are typically 6 months long, with a break of 6-8 weeks before renewal. Earnings can be good, with the opportunity to meet and befriend people from all over the world. Accommodation, whilst free, is shared. Average starting salaries vary from £200 per week to £2000 per month, but management positions and senior placements like head chefs on luxury liners may be offered upwards of £45k plus benefits Apply for On Cruise Ships With No Experience jobs today! 1 On Cruise Ships With No Experience jobs and careers on Jobsora.com. Start your new career with us today We are the official recruitment partner for Royal Caribbean, P&O Cruises, Cunard Line, MSC, Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line! If you have a passion for travel and love working with children or have sports coaching background, we have just the jobs for you sailing around the world on an amazing cruise ship! There are excellent opportunities available for seasonal and long term work whilst travelling to some of the world's most exciting destinations and gaining valuable life.

No matter what your career has in store for you, the professional skills you gain while working on cruise ships will elevate your career to new heights. Through our extensive on-the-job training, you'll receive all the tools you need to be successful. Your success is our ultimate goal. Interview and Hiring Proces Previous cruise ship experience advantageous. +-5 years working experience as a manager in spa or aesthetic environment. Able to work flexible hours. 3 days ago. Save job Not interested Report Job · Save job. Life Guards - Cruise Ship new. Gourmet Recruitment International. South Africa. Minimum two years recent work experience in a lifeguard capacity, in a pool setting; high volume.

After traveling to about 30 countries and working various jobs along the way, 28-year-old Julian Austin decided that he wanted to build a career without sacrificing his love of exploring the world. His seven-month stint as sports staff on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship gave him the opportunity to do just that P&O Cruises has five ships, including our flagship Britannia which joined our fleet in March 2015. Our two new ships, the largest in the UK market, will join the fleet in 2020 and 2022, meaning we can offer more experiences tailored to British tastes - combining genuine service, a sense of occasion and attention to detail, ensuring passengers have the holiday of a lifetime, every time Cargo ship jobs include any positions involved in helping container ships transport freight from port to port across the world. Some of the different jobs include the captain, officers of the watch, engineers, electricians, other skilled tradespeople, and workers in the steward's department. Your duties in each of these jobs differ significantly. For example, as a deckhand or able seaman, you maintain a clean and safe deck, paint the ship, and haul cargo. Deck officers oversee the deck.

Newsletter. Join our free cruise ship job newsletter and receive the latest information about cruise ship employment to your inbox. We obey a strict no spam policy - see our Terms and Conditions for more information Better Costa Ships. With no ship earning more than three stars, Costa is clearly not the best line to sail with. But not all Costa passengers have had horrible experiences. CruiseCritic ranks Costa Mediterranea and Costa Magica as the top two ships by the Italian cruise company, owned by Carnival. Sail one of these, and you could have an experience that defies Costa's poor industry reputation MDRNTY Cruise, an all-inclusive voyage devoted to electronic music with 3 stages, over 50 artists and performers sailing for three days across Mediterranean Sea on MSC Opera cruiser operated by second largest cruising company in the world MSC. Starting the journey from Genova, the cruiser will stop-over in beautiful islands with exclusive settings of Sardinia and Corsica followed by return. The ship is like an international buffet of bodies, and no one is leaving hungry. On top of that, we guarantee at least one passenger-crew affair on every single cruise. Or your money back. Gopher. On Cruise Ships With No Experience jobs in Johannesburg. Filters. Date . Today; 3 days; 7 days; All days; Salary . Any; from R10 000; from R20 000; from R30 000; from R40 000; from R50 000; from R60 000; Other; Distance . Exact location; 10 km; 25 km; 40 km; Location. Jobs in City of Johannesburg; Jobs in Johannesburg ; On Cruise Ships With No Experience jobs; Similar queries. On Cruise Ships.

6 Ads for jobs in cruise ship no experience in Jobs in South Africa. Other ways to browse. Popular : driver. no experiance. job. call centre. admin. driver job. no experience needed. code 14 driver. under 18. electrician. au pair. work from home. code 10 driver. cashier. receptionist. driver code 14 no experience. receptionist job . warehouse. code 10 no experience driver job. general job. Being on a cruise ship, you'll be working with a smaller medical team which is typically made up of nurses and physicians. Despite the size of your team, however, you can expect to have a well-equipped medical facility. Most cruise ships have a pharmacy, labs, and x-ray equipment on board. Cruise ship nurses often have to work for 12 hours and have days off. If you are lucky and your ship is.

Cruise Ship Jobs. The Cruise Ship industry offers a wide range of jobs and can be financially attractive. A job on a cruise ship also enables you to travel around the world. Cruise ships are basically floating hotels. So job vacancies are similar to a big 5 star hotel, holiday park or fancy resort. Renewable 4 to 6 month contracts for cleaners, chefs, catering and bar staff, hospitality and. Cruises and Resorts are great places to find housekeeping, janitorial, landscaping and kitchen jobs that does not require any experience. And since there's no place to be besides the ship or the remote area around the resort, these employers have to provide accommodation. Employee quarters are not always private, pay is often low for unskilled positions, and hours are long (since they. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is an established company that holds the Royal Caribbean Cruise line, as well as Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and a few smaller international brands. They began in 1968, and this fleet contains 42 ships total, with eight new ones under contract for construction. For those looking to work aboard a ship, the company provides an easy process for applying

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ACL hires people with college degrees as cruise directors- even if they have no cruise experience! Other positions such as server and youth counselor may require prior experience. Ship Side. Cruise Director; Assistant cruise director; Cruise staff (works under the cruise director) Purser (works at the front desk in the hotel department) Assistant purser; Cruise consultant (book people on. Cruise ship jobs in the casino include Dealer, Cashier, Casino Host, Slot Technician, and supervisors. Dealers are required to have at least one year's experience in a licensed casino and Cashiers are required to have a cashiering background in bank, casino, or other high-volume cash handling experience. The Casino Host position requires table games experience as well as excellent sales. It's no wonder, then, that the industry's shockingly fast return to the stage leaves much of the American public wondering who in their right mind would go on a cruise right now — or, more.

Holland America prides itself on its exclusive experiences and world-class entertainment options. It has been a cruise line for 145 years, and has continually been recognized as a leader in the. The density of guests onboard a cruise ship is defined as the passenger space ratio - the higher the number, the greater the space per guest. This ratio can be calculated by dividing a ship's.

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Work on a cruise ship can help your career in the hospitality industry. Forget the dreams of tropical romance and idle days at sea, though. If you're prepared for nine roommates who speak four different languages, a cramped bathroom, 18-hour workdays, no social interaction with passengers, low pay and ho-hum food for six months at a time, then think about a job on a cruise ship How to work on a cruise ship: The Thrifty Gist Position types : Various - anything from entertainment, deck hands, to wait staff or a gift shop attendant Experience required : Bachelor degree usually needed, related experience is ideal, second language is a bonus but not mandator Paid cruise ship work is available worldwide, here in Scandinavia. If you are looking to change careers or just for a change of lifestyle, now is a good time to get a job on a cruise ship. According to the most recent statistics, over 25 million people have taken cruise vacations during the past year (2016), supplying over 480,000 jobs

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Most entry-level positions require 2 years of professional experience; Contract length may vary from cruise line to cruise line; All shipboard jobs require crew members to work 7 days a week; A strong work ethic is essential; How to apply to work on a cruise ship? The first step in this process is to send us your CV. The resumé / curriculum vitae is the most important component in this equation. This document is your business card, your introduction, therefore make sure that it. Your Bachelor's won't get you an engineering job if that's what you mean? It won't get you any job on the seamanship or ship's crew side, but jobs in the entertainment, hotel and catering side are open to all, though experience is usually preferre..

Get a cruise ship job? Work at a boat show? This site is a growing resource of links and information about working on boats. You can now post your free advertisments for boats or crew on our new crew lists. Upload your photo and resume to the new forum and network with other people who work on boats! If you have a Yahoo mail or Gmail account, you can subscribe to boat job information with the. Do you want to work on a cruise ship and don't know how? We explain the pros and cons of making a living working on a cruise ship ACL hires people with college degrees as cruise directors- even if they have no cruise experience! Other positions such as server and youth counselor may require prior experience. Ship Side. Cruise Director; Assistant cruise director; Cruise staff (works under the cruise director) Purser (works at the front desk in the hotel department) Assistant purse Cruises and Resorts. Cruises and Resorts are great places to find housekeeping, janitorial, landscaping and kitchen jobs that does not require any experience. And since there's no place to be besides the ship or the remote area around the resort, these employers have to provide accommodation. Employee quarters are not always private, pay is often low for unskilled positions, and hours are long (since they have a captive work crew), but people do manage to save money while. 2. Cruise ship workers are trained for pirate attacks. It's rare for pirates to take on a massive cruise ship, but it can happen, and if it does, the crew is prepared. Nolan, who worked for both.

Sex, cheating and 'incestuous behaviour' runs rampant on cruise ships. Source:istock THE ships were the most incestuous workplace I've ever been a part of Working as a nurse on a cruise ship requires dedication, precision and experience. Working closely with your medical colleagues, you will provide both in and out patient care. Outpatient encompasses minor illnesses, respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections, minor skin complaints and accidental injuries. In-patient encompasses the management of a wide variety of clinical problems including.

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CJ Hayden, pictured, by the Pacific Princess cruise ship. Courtesy CJ Hayden. And she isn't the only one who's been affected. While stuck at sea, Hayden and Herninko formed tight bonds with fellow. If you are one of those who loves cruise travel and you want to travel the world through it totally free, and better still being paid the As a cruise ship Nurse you will have the opportunity to travel the world, enhance your skills, and work alongside experienced medical professionals. Shipboard Nurses act as first responders, triage emergency calls, assess and treat at the scene, and transfer patients to our primary medical facility. Daily walk-in clinics are also open to meet the basic medical needs of our guests and crew members. Princess Cruises maintains a well-equipped Medical Center onboard, which includes critical care.

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Working on a ship is pretty much like being in college -- we work hard, we play hard, and we throw crazy parties that go well into the night. 3. We're constantly hooking up with each other.. Even though waiters and busboys are considered entry level positions, many cruise ships prefer those with previous experience from a restaurant or hotel dining room on their resume / CV. Depending on the size of the cruise ship, there may be several bars, and the service of drinks is a popular job on board. Bartenders, wine stewards and cocktail waitresses/waiters must usually have prior experience. The Food and Beverage Department on a cruise ship offers the following restaurant jobs Cruise Ship Jobs portal gives you the latest cruise job openings across the world. Read through each one of them in detail and apply for the ones that suit your requirements the best. You will find job openings from all the popular cruise lines in the world, on this portal. It is a golden chance for you to make your dream come true and work in your dream cruise company. Do you want to work for.

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For job seekers bitten by the travel bug, the idea of living and working aboard a cruise ship can be an adventurous way to see the world. Depending on the type and size of the cruise line, employment processes vary. Researching cruise ship employment is a time consuming process. Knowing the online hiring practices for the major cruise lines can help you figure out where to focus your job search But life working on a cruise ship could be considered one of the hardest roles in the world, with 100-hour weeks, three-month stretches with no days off and wages so low that workers rely on tips While working on a cruise ship with Park West Gallery, no two days are alike. From visiting exotic ports of call to hosting art seminars for guests, the rewards of an onboard career are endless. Learn More. Represent some of the world's most talented contemporary and historic artists. While working on board, you represent prestigious artists from around the world. From artistic masters like. No matter what type of cruise ship job you're applying for, having a resume that looks great and is easy to read is an important first step. Cruise ship employers want to know whether you have cruise experience or other equivalent experience in your job category. Highlight your experience as, say, a tour guide or a marine engineer, pointing out all relevant employment and training. Take a. Are you ready for a Cruise Ship Job? Take a FREE test: Start here. How can we help? We will assess your Resume, skill-set, experience and qualifications. Provide professional advice written just for you. All your questions will be answered by our consultants. Read more. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I can't believe I wasted so much time applying for jobs I can't get. Whether it's those who want to work on ships, currently on ships, or have left ships, making the most informed decisions. He strives to empower those around him to do better and to reach higher. Sean has over 15 years of training experience guiding over 85,000 crewmembers to success from over 100 nationalities worldwide in the cruise industry.

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